Motcomb has been active in the field of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) management and economic development since 1997 with experience dating back to 1990. Established by private individuals having extensive knowledge in the field of FDI projects, we have specialized in providing consulting services to international companies wishing to set up their manufacturing activities in Hungary, and to local municipalities in their efforts to develop their economies.

Being an SME, Motcomb is able and willing to provide flexible, efficient and personalized services to its customers. It employs the best professional experts on a project-by-project basis. The company also acts as an industrial park developer in cooperation with major Hungarian development corporations.

Our pages are valuable for those manufacturing companies, who wish to set up their operation, want to expand their existing plants, or have decided to sell or buy their factories in Hungary.

In the past 12 years we have had the chance of working with major multinational companies, each of them being among the leaders of their respective markets. As a result, many thousands of new jobs have been created, and our Clients have achieved great results at competitive costs.

We will be more than glad to share our experiences with you. Please feel free to visit our site, and contact us in case of your interest.

Motcomb's mission is to help foreign manufacturing companies move, relocate and settle in Hungary, take them through the administration of their investment, achieve competitive cost levels. We offer comprehensive and personalized services, reliable professional support, advice and assistance through the various stages of the investment.

By providing such services we wish to make our contribution to the creation of new job opportunities and to the increasing level of life in Hungary.

Our main strength is our comprehensive knowledge of managing green field development projects in Hungary.

Based on the Customers' requirements, Motcomb puts together a comprehensive project schedule and detailed budget, and acts efficiently on the execution of it, coordinating and driving all the processes and contributors.

Starting from developing a piece of agricultural land into industrial, through the coordination of the creation of the business infrastructure of its Clients up to the turn-key execution of industrial facilities, Motcomb carefully advises its Clients about the selection of local firms for the various activities in a project. Motcomb has worked with leading Hungarian companies on green field and brown field investment projects, and has a fair overview of the capabilities and competences of local firms.

It only recommends credible, reliable professionals with proven track record for the projects it is involved in.

With this approach, Motcomb aims to minimize its Clients' risks and costs, and efficiently contribute to their long-term successful operation in Hungary.

SCI Systems, Inc. - USA
Worldmark Group - UK
Max-Plástic - Spain
Grundfos - Denmark
FCI Connectors - France
ACER Computers - Taiwan
Coloplast - Denmark
UPM Raflatac O/Y - Finland
Viasystems - USA
Tescon UK - Japan
Lexmark - USA
Nilfisk-Advance - Denmark
Bridgestone - Japan
Municipalities - Hungary

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